GOTW#5: I made it!

A litte bit late but I did it till sunday, just forgot to post it. So yeah, I did learn hiragana (whoo hoo! FINALLY) and all that other stuff.  Next week’s gonna be quite busy for me so Im just focus on learning katakana:


– Learn katakana


Goals of the week #4, I’m alive and 犬- Roku

Can’t give up… gotta… keep… learning. Going back to my old love, japanese. I know most hiragana, almost no katakana and only a few kanjis.

Next weeks goals:


-Learn to read and write hiragana like a pro

Learn words:

犬 (いぬ)- Dog

日(ひ)- Sun

東京(とうきょう)- Tokio


– Remind myself everything Ive previously written on this blog.

Goals of the week #2- Roku

So, a week has passed. I did learn those Dutch words and I did learn how to introduce myself in Korean. When it comes to learning hangul (Korean alphabet), it’s 50/50. I can read almost everything, but I still do it VERY slowly and some of the signs are a bit difficult for me, so I have to practice more.

When it comes to goals for the next week, I’ll only add a few things since learning Korean alphabet takes me more time than expected.


– Practice hangul enough to be able to read it freely


Learn the following words:

– Taak (Task)

– Blocnote (Notepad)

– Gevaarlijk (Dangerous)

– Dom (Silly)

– Trouwens (Moreover)


I’m still practicing the alphabet, I can read most of the stuff but some of the letters are still a bit difficult for me, especially to write on the keyboard because it’s difficult to form some of the signs.

-안녕하세요                                         – Hello

-안녕하세요 잘 지넸어요?                     – Hello, how are you?

-저는 괜찮습니다. 당시는요?                 – I’m fine, thank you, how about you?

-저는좋습니다 맙습니다                        – I’m good, thanks

-안녕히가세요                                     – Goodbye

-잘가세요 또봐요                                 – Goodbye, see you soon